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Organic Baby Food


It is Sproutly’s mission to provide the little ones the very best, purest and the healthiest food from the first to the last bite… That is why we pick only the best organic and ripe produce to make food for our little champs.


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is one of the world’s most powerful and nourishing superfoods. The creamy taste and tropical aroma is ideal for healthy cooking, enhancing your favorite recipes and also for external body care.


Sprouted Grains


Committed to your health, Sproutly Organics believes in the strength of sprouted grains and seeds. We offer variety of sprouted grains from assorted flours to custom blends to meet your needs and requirements.


Whole Grains

We only believe in whole grains, and for good reason. Whole grains contain three parts of vital kernels. Typical refining process removes bran and germ leaving just the endosperm. Bran and Germ are responsible for 25% of a grains protein, and also seventeen other key nutrients.


Good, quality food should not be hard to get or inaccessible. We invest time and money to make sure that the food goes through minimal stages of production, so that the food is not only fresh, the best quality but also affordable for the whole family.

From the Farmer

Farmers are the backbone of our society providing the communities with basic need of food by offering us variety of fruits, vegetables and grains. We make sure that they get the respect, resources and a healthy financial return for all their hard work and perseverance.